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About Always Nutrition Fitness Studio

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Hi! We are Karen Wagner and Charlie Ward.

We help people create a healthy lifestyle through fun workouts and clean living lifestyle. We have created a healthy family environment.

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Karen Wagner

Karen Wagner From an early age I watched my family go through what I refer to as diet-based health issues. Health and fitness was an outlet I used to reach out to family. Dating back to the 80s, my first job was managing an all-women's health facility. With well over 30 years experience as a certified personal trainer, nutrition has always been my passion. Having certifications in soft tissue release and muscle development adds to my experience in personal training. As a holistic nutritionist I teach my clients that food is the best form of medicine. It doesn't happen overnight; "trust the process" is my motto.

Throughout the years, I myself have yo-yo dieted - I did not understand in my younger years why this was a bad idea. As I got older, the frustration was real; slower metabolism, hormone changes and stress created an unhealthy body. To regain better health took me more than six months - it actually took a full year to get my body to change, and once it changed, did I have back slides? Absolutely! So I get it!!! The information from the internet, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc, has the whole world confused about what diet or program to do that will fit their lifestyle. I am here to help as many people as I can break the confusion, but only if they are willing to do so.

My approach to nutrition and fitness varies from person to person because people have different needs. I have seen a growth in new illnesses during my thirty-eight years doing health and fitness. The growth in illness is pretty scary in my eyes, so I have made it my life to understand why so many people are feeling ill. I believe in personal solutions (one size does not fit all) and nutrient dense foods (food is medicine).

Personal guidance and careful listening helps to create a plan, protocol and personal approach to what works for an individual.

Balance is important; keeping blood sugar and alkalinity stable makes a healthy body.

Good Gut health promotes good health. When your digestive system is working properly your body works the way it is supposed to.

Quality and Strategic supplementation when necessary, can play a big role in healing and wellness. My motto is food first, supplementation second.

Realistic approach to making healthy changes through guidance in planning and preparing meals, grocery shopping, making sense of eating out, while understanding that the body doesn't need to keep trying to adapt to crazy diets.

Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward As a Carteret County native, Fitness has always been a passion of mine. From playing sports year round in my younger years to coaching youth athletics for my kids' teams.

As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor my goal is to set an example as well as be an example in all aspects of health and fitness. For the past eight years I've been dedicated to learning as much as possible to provide clients with quality education to help get the results they are after.

While holding certifications in soft tissue release, muscle development group fitness and high energy training sessions are my specialty. Train the mind and the muscle will follow.